Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Traditions - Part 1

Its a different energy that's build within yourself when something really absorbs all your interest and attention. Recently that's exactly what happened to me.

"Kalamezhuthupattu" - is one among the many traditions which I have never ever seen or been a part of in all these years , even though I was born and brought up in Kerala.

The senior folks ( Kurups and Nambothiri's) explain each every attribute in detail, all that you need to do is show a little bit of interest and curiosity together with lots of listening skills.The one that I happened to witness was the "Vettakaran Paattu".It starts with what is called a "UchaaPattu" followed by the "Kalamezhuthupattu" in the evening.

I wonder, how on earth did this fascinate me ?

The "Kalam" captivated me in several ways. They use only the "Panjavarnagal" (5 colours - White,Black,Yellow,Red and Green) to create this marvelous and intricate composition. No templates,patters or moulds, but just fingers are used to elaborate this strenuous piece of art. The magic behind bringing life and transforming this masterpiece into one of a kind is nothing but the devotion and dedication of the artists.

The nose , that's detailed in a particularly, well you can call it an exotic way. All they did was to literally drop some colour on kalam and two "master-strokes" with those magical fingers, and the nose was ready. Simple!, yet elegant and mind-blowing.

Years of dedication for sure and no wonder its said " Practice Makes a Man Perfect".

I was keen in figuring  out on who would be that "Heartless Person" who would brave the odds and remove the "Kalam". Well,Its none other than the priest himself,however in a unique way,rounding the kalam with different steps and rhythms.

The "Namdwani" (today we call it the Nandunni) is the instrument that's played along with the song. The manner in which the priest enters the " Kalam"  and the manner in which he "wipes out" the kalam are unique as well. Immense respect and devotion, well beyond what I can describe in words.

For More Details : Kalamezhuthupaatu,Wiki

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Out from Hibernation

Batteries Charged ,Dreamz unlimited...... Will change things forever.
The wait for a companion was long, doesn't really matter if that's going to be till eternity.

Kinaavintey koodin kavadam turannu
Sopaanadeepam prakasham chorinju
Orekantharavil chekeruvaan
Kashinppo,prasadam, samampangidaanayi .....  

a melodious track from the malayalam movie Shubhayatra , sung by G.Venugopal . 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Alter Mode

@Clark Quay  - SG
Night Life in Singapore is pretty good especially those lively Wednesday nights. This city boasts of no natural beauty. Its all about tall building, malls and colourful lighting that makes it attractive. They call this a "FINE" city, indeed that's the way the city is kept so clean .  Got a lot to learn from the people who stay here, not the originals but the other SEA natives who come and stay here for work.

Its darkest before the dawn .. should I believe that ? 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Search of a Companion

Being alone for a while, well extended stretches to be more precise is something I always like. It brings the best out of me, rather the devil in me comes out so well that I wonder , Am I that bad .. Deep side He says , Dear o Dear !! Alas he understands.

There he stays waiting for a companion to bring out the goodness in him .The green patches gives high hopes ...


Nature has always been a treat , mystery and what not.

Learning the hardway, to talk less and much more.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Venice of the East....

A visit to the backwaters, a faboulous trip as remarked by my fellow traveller,so was it .. An idea that was accepted on a spontaneous note, guess its always the unplanned ones that hit you hard, leaving unforgettable memories.

The crew consisted of 3 guys... who explains the entire route , history and remarkably one of them had been working in houseboats ever since its inception in kerala.It was indeed amazing to hear how the " Karimeen" is caught.No GPS, no TomToms, no compass yet the know their way even when its water on all four sides.Within no time we struck the conversation with them, the question popped , " do you work in Software Companies?" ,a question that took me by surprise, but indeed a no surprise question when you think about it.

The greenery and water bodies,they have this unimaginable power of captivating your heart. If it was Goa which captivated me back in 2007, it was our Alapuzha, The Venice of East that takes its place in 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Majestically Ornated

A walk to Central on the Xmas eve, and another post into this web space.

Hardly did we spot human faces out there at Central,the center of attraction of the city . A huge difference in the way we Indians celebrate a festival and these Europeans celebrate. While we celebrate in the loud way, they keep it to themselves.

But hey , when they are loud, they turn out to be hooligans.They better not !!